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Maintenance Care: What, Why, & How Often?

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

In our office, we have literally hundreds of patients who see us, not because they have pain, but because they want to use chiropractic care as a part of their preventative health plan! While there's nothing wrong with coming to see us only when you're having some type of flare-up, many people see amazing benefits from utilizing chiropractic care in a proactive manner.

Here are some important things to know:

1. First of all, we want you to know that maintenance care is not mandatory! Do we think it's extremely valuable? Absolutely. Most chiropractors get adjusted regularly. But, if you don't think maintenance is a good fit for you there are no hard feelings. You will always be welcome back in our office for any reason and at any time!

2. Maintenance care is important for the exact same reasons you brush your teeth every day or change the oil in your car. We know that as soon as you stop taking care of things, they begin to deteriorate. Small investments over time will protect your "investment" and help to prevent relapses or flare-ups down the road!

3. Regular maintenance care is recommended by 98% of practicing chiropractors, and for good reason. Research shows that maintenance care has many benefits including:

-Fewer visits to the chiropractor overall -Fewer days with symptoms -Fewer relapses or flare-ups

And not to mention the known benefits of chiropractic care on our nervous system and immune system such as decreased stress, less sick days, and improved mood!

4. In our office, most maintenance patients choose to get adjusted approximately once per month. Some people come more often, once every 2-3 weeks, and some people come less. Maintenance Care is something that depends on the health of your spine and how you feel and function. Generally speaking though, we recommend that you start with once per month and then adjust (no pun intended) up or down from there based on how you feel! In terms of cost, your current co-pays/co-insurance may or may not change when you transition to maintenance care. Regardless of what your specific plan looks like, we have many options to ensure that your care remains affordable and valuable!

What matters more than anything else is to find a routine that works well for you and also matches your time, schedule, and finances.

Check out this great video below to learn more about why people choose maintenance chiropractic care and how it might be beneficial to you!

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